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Divorce in Illinois is a similar process to that of other states. But, there are slight differences as the state law vary from state to state. Divorce is a difficult phase in life of an individual and creates a lifelong impact on mentality of a person. Also, it changes the practical life of a couple leaving them often in financially altered positions. Cost of divorce in Illinois includes two types of costs: economical and emotional.

A divorce is not only a process of separation but also division of property and income. It involves some crucial matters like children support, custody, spousal support, etc. These all issues make it an expensive affair. Here, you can have a brief list of factors contributing to the cost of divorce in Illinois:

  • Attorney fees: Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, especially in the case of regular litigation. Attorneys charge fees on hourly basis. Some may take it as an advance amount. But, as process gets lengthy, the charges increase. Also, if you opt for mediation and counseling during court procedure, the fees of mediator add to the total cost. The fees of the attorney lies between USD 1500 to USD 2000. The hourly fees of the attorney lies between USD 300 to USD 350.

  • Form fees: Divorce process requires filing various types of forms in the court. Appeals made in the context of child custody and property division include in this category. These forms are to be submitted along with court fees that are quite higher. The form fees and the paper presentation fees may range between USD 350 to USD 500. Here also, as procedure gets complicated, number of forms and amount will increase.

  • Obligations by divorce: Divorce brings about many changes in the financial status of the person. During dissolution, a partner can apply for temporary orders of alimony and child support. These are the compulsory obligations on a person which can not be postponed. Thus, paying the support and spousal maintenance can lead to financial instability.

  • Other costs: These criteria include variety of factors such as residing expenses if a person has to stay in that county to fulfill residency requirements and maintenance fees. It also includes documentations fees that is price paid for making copies of appeals and serving costs. Serving expenses are the charges paid for serving summons to your partner if he or she is not aware about the petition. The other cost may come around USD 450 to USD 500, as it may depend upon the situation.

In nut shell, the average cost of the divorce in Illinois ranges from USD 2500 to USD 3000. But this may even increase depending upon the trial session and other factors as well.

Emotional cost of divorce in Illinois

Dissolution of a marital union may have long-lasting effects on the attitude of a person towards life. It may cause an acute impression on mentality of a couple. This is an emotional cost paid for a divorce by both spouses. Following are some implications of divorce:

  • Depression: Depression is a commonly occurring phenomenon in the life of those who have recently faced separation. Depression is a natural reaction to an unfortunate breaking of emotional bond between two people. But, it is serious when this depression goes to higher levels of chronic problems. These problems are hard to deal with and require a lot of medication treatment.

  • Separation: A separation from loved ones can make a person lonely and disturbed. A person facing separation from the partner start getting drifted from the society. An alienation can cause further problems like loss of interest, depressive mentality, lack of professional orientation, loss of contacts, etc.

  • Loss of positive attitude: A court case, when it is fought in the court, is full of blaming and accusations if partners are on bitter terms with each other. When a person goes through such process, he or she may suffer loss of positivity in their life. If the process takes long time, negativity indulges itself in every aspect of life of such individuals. An attitude determines the way of living, so lack of hope and positivity may lead to worse situations for people facing divorce.

  • Broken relations: Disintegration of marriage not only breaks a bond between two people, but also causes a rift between two families connected by a marriage. Thus, many people face problems with all marital relations and common acquaintances. They may lose such relations forever due to divorce.

  • Loss of connection with children: Child custody in one of the disputable issues in divorce that can have bad effects on relation with child. Non-custodial parent who gets separated physically from the children may face problems while dealing with them during visitation. If there is less frequency of meetings and spoiled relations with ex-spouse, the partner may suffer the loss of close connection with children. It is hard to establish contacts and level of relation like it was before. Thus, people fall into depression and related problems.

The cost of divorce in Illinois has all these factors and additionally, the cost of planning the afterlife. People have to invest more money and energy in order to revive their lives.